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Chinese Giant Salamander - World's Largest Amphibian

orange-pink colored giant


The Chinese giant salamander is the biggest amphibian in the world growing up to 6 ft (180 cm) long. That is one big salamander. The long fat tail can be 60 percent of its length. It is mainly found in the waters in and around China, hence the name but there is a very similar species in Japan as well. They are on the critically endangered species list which is not good news. So many things can easily affect them like air and water pollution, and the loss of their habitat, that it is no wonder their numbers have been declining. Another problem is that these animals are used for Chinese medicine, so the world's most dangerous predator, mankind, is after them.



orange-pink colored giant


giant salamander


The salamanders have large heads with very small eyes and no eyelids. Unfortunately its eyesight is not very good but that doesn’t stop it from feasting on a variety of critters. They love to eat frogs, fish and different kinds of insects. Don’t let the big size fool you into thinking that something that big needs to eat larger animals, smaller prey are just fine for them. Because their eyesight is so bad,, they don't use site as their main hunting tool. They sense the vibrations from moving animals to locate their prey. The female giant salamander has been known to lay up to five hundred eggs then the males will swoop in and watch over them until they hatch. This process can take from one to two months.


worlds largest amphibian


The Chinese giant salamander can be seen a few zoological places around the world, but not many are kept in captivity. They are massive in size, but very gentle.


dark giant




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