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Green Frogs

tree frog

Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog


"Green Frog" is not a very distinct group really. All over the world, except Antarctica, there are quite a few frogs that fit the bill – they are green in color, and go around with the moniker "Green Frog". For example, there are the Green Poison Dart Frogs and Red-Eyed Green Tree Frogs. In Europe, the frog commonly known as the "Edible Frog", as in the frog whose legs people eat, is also green in color and commonly called "Green Frog" and also "European Frog".

The American Green Frog was classified long ago and was considered any frog which was green in color and edible. Some interesting facts about the American Green Frog - they live in any body of water, even a rain barrel, in the Eastern United States and Canada. They prefer marshy areas with lots of bug neighbors but will settle for any body of water. These frogs do have teeth; the teeth are located on the upper jaw only and only serve the purpose of holding on to food so it does not get away. These teeth are called maxillary teeth. An American Green Frog has ears and can hear. The ears are called tympanum and are located on the sides of the head. Their ears are connected to their lungs, so when their ears (which are more like a drum) vibrate so do their lungs. When a frog eats, its eyeballs retract into its head and help to push the food down its throat.

Green Tree Frogs

The Green Tree Frog as the name implies does not inhabit bodies of water but instead lives in trees, shrubs and other plant material found near water. They are found throughout the Southeastern United States. They are bright green in color and have suction cups on their feet to climb with. They are mall in stature usually only around three inches in length, but there call definitely sounds as if it comes from something much larger. A Green Tree Frog sounds like a duck quacking and gets louder with each quack. They eat what most frogs eat which is whatever insect they can catch.

One of the more colorful and photogenic species is the Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog from the rainforests of Costa Rica and Central America. There is also a somewhat similar Red-Eyed Tree Frog species in Australia.



poison frog

Green Poison Dart Frog


Green Poison Dart Frog

The Green Poison Dart Frog is the most dangerous of all amphibians. This amphibian is brightly colored in a green and black striped pattern, and the green color can range from green to blue. This pattern is a warning to predators that they are dangerous. They live in Central and South America. The name comes from the fact that the tribes in the rainforest used their toxic secretions to create poison darts. The poison darts are used to hunt for food. They can be poisonous to humans if eaten, or if the skin comes into contact with the skin of the frog.

A Few Other Standout Green Frogs

The Indian Green Frog is the only known vegetarian frog! It prefers mostly leaves and some flowers.


world's biggest frog

Goliath Frog


The largest frog in the world is a green frog. The Goliath Frog which grows up to 13 inches (33 cm) and lives in Western Africa. Guess what people do with such a big frog? Yup, they eat it.



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