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Mantellas - The Most Colorful Poison Frogs

green and black


The mantella frogs come from Madagascar in all different vibrant colors - red, orange, green, blue, yellow, all mixed together and often mixed with black. Many have black with blue spots on their undersides and bellies. Because of their pretty colors, they are very popular as pets. But their color has meaning, the meaning is this - "Beware of our poison. Don't eat me." So don't eat them, and if you are going to have them as pets, be careful. They secrete a toxic substance onto the skin. A few species are non-poisonous but their colors mimic their fellow poisonous cousins so their predators can't be sure. This also allows the frogs to prance around in the daylight hours while many frogs are nocturnal in order to avoid predators.



bright orange


blue black frog


poison frog


There are many different species and it can be hard to tell them apart as their markings can be unique even though they do follow general patterns for each species. The poison dart frogs of the Americas have also developed this same defensive strategy of poison and warning colors and they have similar vibrant colors.


blue yellow


brown spotted


green spotted


They are territorial and males especially will not be happy to see other males in the neighborhood. They are fairly small at 2 in (5 cm).


green poisoned


yellow and black


nice green



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