Finger Animals - Animals that Can Fit on Your Finger

By encino - Posted on 23 April 2015

We make it our business to have a look at all the most curious animals in the animal kingdom and pygmies and other tiny creatures definitely have an important part to play. For some reason, we humans always find tiny little things to be interesting and cute. Having covered pygmy animals and finger monkeys in the past, we came to the realization that there are a whole slew of tiny animals that can perch or hang on to single human finger! So we have created this collection of “finger puppet” animals. Many of the species shown here are only so small as newborns and once they reach adulthood forget about holding them in your hand (especially sea turtles). But others remain in the state of tinyness their whole lives! When you see photos of these animals that fit on a finger do you desire to have one on your finger? Find out by taking a look at these pictures of animals that fit on a finger now!


We can't help starting with our old favorite the finger monkey:


Albino Pygmy Marmoset Twins

albino pygmy marmosets


more marmosets


baby marmosets or finger puppets

pygmy marmosets


finger monkey


finger monkey


baby cheeks


tiny tarsier




pygmy tarsier


hedgehog in the egg holder


pygmy hedgehog


hedgie hangin


bat finger


finger kitten


tiny kitten2






haz chips


squirrel finger




little suger glider


sugar glider


puppies fingers


puppy hand


pygmy owl


Eurasian pygmy owl




smallest perched hand


bee hummingbird


smallest bird in the world bee hum


tiny hummingbird


humming bird tiny





finger chameleon


finger gecko


finger lizard


snakes on a finger2


tiny snake


sea turtle baby


sea turtle


tiny shell turtle


tiniest frog


The world's smallest frog (and Vertebrate) - Paedophryne Amauensis


This animal was only discovered in the year 2010 in Papua New Guinea. These frogs live on the rainforest floor, specifically in the leaf litter. They are so small that it is hard to locate them. If you truly want to find them, you would have to listen to their calls. But doing this is not easy because the frog’s high-pitched calls are hard to hear for the human ear. Even when they are fully grown, they can still fit not just on your finger but on your fingernail alone. This amphibian is no less than the smallest frog and vertebrate in the world.


nother tiny frog


octopus on finger


Of the 300 or more species of octopus in the world, the octopus wolfi, from the Indo-Pacific, is considered the smallest octopus. The species was officially discovered and classified in 1913. The full grown octopus wolfi will measure about 5/8 of an inch (15mm) and weigh just less than a gram.


seahorse palm


The smallest pygmy seahorse species is so little that its adult size is about 0.54 inches in length (14mm). The fact that it is small already makes it hard to find but it becomes even more difficult when it blends in with the coral where it lives. So, if you are looking for one in the sea, make sure to keep your eyes wide open! Just be careful when you find one because it is listed on the threatened species list.


Of course, most insects and butterflies are small enough to perch on your finger but still when it does happen, it is fun to have a look at them and see how long they will hang out with you.




hello little mantis


snail tiny


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