Bat Named Beelzebub

By encino - Posted on 22 September 2011

tube nosed demon beelzebub bat


It's not that fair to name an animal after a demon is it? But you have to cut the scientists some slack there are only so many names you can think of and millions of species to be named. Its not the worst species name out there for example there is the vampire squid from hell.

This little tube-nosed bat along with two others were discovered living in the forests of SE Asia. There are plenty of other known bats living there - bat species make up one third of all mammal species in the region.

But for my money this poor little bat is not the most demonic-looking bat. It's just a little tube-nosed bat from Vietnam. Apparently the Hungarian scientists that found them thought they were very aggressively protective and thought that Beelzebub would be a good name. Now have a look at the flying fox. That is a demonic-looking bat. It looks like a fox Dracula. It being the largest bat also adds to the fear factor.


flying fox demonic

Flying Fox looks like a Dracula bat


vampire bat screech

Vampire bat looks a little demonic


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