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Boreal Owl - Big, Square Head

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The boreal owl is a smallish, secretive owl found in high altitude forest zones and spruce fir forests. It has a long haunting song. It ranges across the northern border between the United States and Canada in selected spots and across Eurasia at the same latitude.



boreal juveniles


The females are much larger than males weighing from 4.6 - 7.6 oz (132 g - 215 g) and being as tall as 11 inches or 28 cm. The owl has a big square head on its medium-sized body with a mostly white facial disk, and large yellow eyes with black pupils. Its head is mostly dark gray/brown with white spots. They make a variety of vocalizations - male territorial song, male and female mating communications and "hello I'm here" calls.


boreal owl gray


Boreal owls prey on mostly small mammals, such as voles. They make their nests in available tree cavities. And The females lay 2-5 eggs, usually 3 and the eggs hatch after about a month.


big head boreal owl




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