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Jackal Buzzard - Southern African Soaring Hunter

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The jackal buzzard lives in the mountains and grasslands on the Southern tip of the African continent in most of South Africa as well as Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana. The predatory bird is a medium-sized bird, about 22 in (55 cm), and is mostly black with light brown or rust coloring on its chest and some white plumage on its undersides also. The species is very closely related to the augur buzzard and was considered by some to be a subspecies of that species. It is said that their loud yelping call sounds like that of the jackal.







The jackal buzzard is a very efficient hunter and does not resort to carrion as much as other buzzards or vultures. They commonly perch on high ground, scanning the open landscape below for prey. If not happily perched, they will take to the air soaring and scanning for any creature that dares cross the roads. Reptiles out sunning themselves had better be wary. They will also eat insects, such as termites, as well as small birds and mammals. The buzzards also prefer high ground, such as cliff faces, for building their nests which they build out of sticks. If a nice cliff face niche with a good view cannot be found they can make due with a good tree location for their nest site. They remain in the same region year-round and may also re-use their nest sites. Usually the female will lay two eggs and stay with them at the nest while the male attends to the hunting and feeding. The eggs will hatch in about 40 days.








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