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Malay Eagle Owl - Ear Tufts and Brown Eyes

barred eagle owl tufts


The eagle owls are the largest of owls but within that group the barred eagle owl or the the Malay eagle owl is on the smaller side. It does have prominent ear tufts and large powerful talons, trademarks of the eagle owls. If fact, the Malay eagle owl's large, sideways pointing ear tufts and dark brown eyes are its most recognizable features. It also has barred coloration and a light-colored breast and undersides.



malay eagle owl


The owl has a very large range and its contries of residence include Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand. The prefer the tropical forests by rivers. As for food, although they are large raptors, they prefer small prey like the abundant large insects (grasshoppers and beetles) available in the region as well as some small rodents, birds and snakes.


malaysian owl head


tall malay eagle owl


The owls usually mate for life and the females use the same nest location every year and lays only one egg each time.


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This tranquil owl pet in the video likes to be scratched behind the head.


barred eagle owl perched

Here you can see some impressive talons capable of grabbing more than just grasshoppers.




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