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Mandarin Duck - Striking East Asian Style



The mandarin duck lives in East Asia - China, Russia, Japan and Korea, but has also been introduced to Britain and Northern Europe, and a few have made it to the United States as well. Its preferred habitat is swamps, lakes and pools and it can grow to be up to 20 inches (51 cm). What beautiful plumage the male mandarin duck has with its striking markings and colors. The female is mostly gray and not quite as striking. The East Asians have always been fascinated with the elegant looks of the bird using it in their artwork and giving them as gifts.



male female


The ducks are most active at the dawn and dusk coming out to feed on all kinds vegetable matter, rice, seeds, insects, snails and tiny fish. They are very social birds and often have long-term relationships. Their mating displays are very eccentric, including a feather preening act and a water drinking display.


ducks descending


Females lay as many as 12 eggs often using a tree hole as a nest.


mandarin colors




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