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Top 10 (Plus) Hybrid Animals of the World

Here's our choice for the top animal hybrids of the world. Of course, hybrids exist in all types of animals but we have chosen mostly large mammals because they are the most astounding. Also note some of the clever and creative names people have given these cross-species offspring!



Beefalo - Cow and Buffalo (Bison) cross



Finger Animals - Animals that Can Fit on Your Finger

We make it our business to have a look at all the most curious animals in the animal kingdom and pygmies and other tiny creatures definitely have an important part to play. For some reason, we humans always find tiny little things to be interesting and cute. Having covered pygmy animals and finger monkeys in the past, we came to the realization that there are a whole slew of tiny animals that can perch or hang on to single human finger!

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