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Dog Paws Are Well-Designed

dog paw


There are five parts that make up a dog's paw: A - the claw, B - the digital pads, C - the metacarpal (front) and metatarsal (back) pads, D - the dew claw and E - the carpal pad. All the pads (except the carpal pad) help with shock absorption and carrying the bulk of the canine's weight when in motion. The carpal pads help when a dog is on a slope or sliding. The claws help dogs get a grip and dig. The purpose of the dew claw is not known exactly.


Zoo Animals Predicted Earthquake

koala bear


Zookeepers and observers noticed that animals at the National Zoo predicted the recent quake in Virginia (the largest there since 1897). Notably, the red-ruffed lemurs where raising the not-so-often used alarm call minutes before the quake struck. Also, one orangutan began vocalizing its unhappy, irritated noise shortly before the quake.


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