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The World's Ugliest Animals

I resisted creating this one for a while because I was thinking it was a bit shallow and that all of God's creatures are beautiful, aren't they? Not really. Anyway, animals don't mind being called ugly, what matters to them is food, sleep and mating, in that order. And when it comes to mating strength and skills usually count for more than beauty.


hairless newborn aardvark

A newborn hairless aardvark is not so handsome


Snakes, Crocodiles and Purses

python sleeping

Things to do with snakes in Cambodia - Sleep on them.


Turtle or Tortoise?



Hawksbill Turtle


Unlikely Animal Friends

This is a look at some unlikely interspecies relationships. How do they meet? Not through the internet. Sometimes zoos and rescue centers need an extra mother for an orphaned young animal. Sometimes well-fed zoo animals are looking for some more playtime pals. And sometimes in the wild, strange things happen.


dog orangutan


Top 10 Pygmy Animals

Why is it that Pygmy creatures are more attractive than full-sized animals? Do they retain some of the tiny new-born charm into adulthood? By nature of being a pygmy they all have that special small but powerful, little-big-guy demeanor. They are all fascinating. Of course, it can be advantageous in the wild to be tiny. Big fat animals must eat a lot to maintain their bodies but the little guy can survive on some smaller dishes. Here is a top 10 list of some of them (more than 10 now).


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