Deadliest Animals

By encino - Posted on 17 March 2012

Here are some of the deadliest animals on the planet. Many people might have different opinions about which animal in particular is the deadliest but in the different environments, elements and situations each has its dangerous properties. What is considered here is the number of deaths worldwide caused by encounters with these animals. Luckily most of us are not in danger of coming across most of these animals too often (except for mosquitos). We are leaving out of course the most dangerous species of all - humans!


mosquito biting


Starting off with the insect kingdom we have the mosquito which brings death not immediately but by way of contagious disease, kiling 2 million people a year by passing along malaria and other unsavory ailments.


asian cobra strike


The Asian cobra and the people who live in its range have the misfortune of frequent encounters. This leads to many venomous bites and more than 50,000 deaths a year.


box jellyfish


The Australian box jellyfish has the stingers that pack a terrible toxic punch for unfortunate swimmers.


shark open mouth


One of your favorite predators the great white shark has classic attributes of being large, fast and having a zillion razor sharp teeth.


africa lion


Another classic predator, the lion, is also large, fast, and equipped with sharp teeth and claws.


crocodile teeth


Next, almost a mix between the shark and the lion, combining jaws and teeth on the land and in the water - the crocodile.


elephant charge


One you might not have thought of is the elephant, who when angry is not afraid to use its status as largest land mammal to enforce the rule of the animal world.


cape buffalo horns


The cape buffalo, also no pipsqueak (weighing 1500 lbs), and also residing in African savanah land may destroy whatever comes in its path especially a large stampeding herd.


woman at zoo polar bear


And other large and in charge animal is the polar bear who is not always so friendly especially if something comes between a female and her cub.


poison dart frog


The poison dart frog is known for its toxic slimy coating.


stone fish


The stonefish hides in the reef with its camouflage and deadly venomous spines.


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