Do You Know These Common Birds?

By encino - Posted on 15 February 2012

Do you recognize these common birds? Here is a collection of some of the most common small birds that you might see around. Sorry for those of you in other continents but these birds are common in North America, although if you live somewhere else you may still recognize some of them (especially in similar latitudes like Europe). In any case, it's fun to put names to faces and get to know different species (warblers, sparrows, finches, etc.) and see the similarities and differences between them.





common grackle shouting


Common grackle


dark capped chickadee


Dark-capped chickadee


dark eyed junco


Dark-eyed junco


downy woodpecker


Downy woodpecker


european starling


European starling


gold finch


Gold finch


hooded oriole


Hooded oriole


house finches


House finches


lesser gold finches


Lesser gold finches


pine siskin


Pine siskin


purple finch


Purple finch


red breasted grosbeak


Red-breasted grosbeak


red winged blackbird


Red-winged blackbird


song sparrow


Song sparrow


townsends warbler


Townsend's warbler


wood thrush


Wood thrush


yellow rumped warbler


Yellow-rumped warbler


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