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Angler - Big-Mouth, Camouflage Bottom-Dweller

angler blending into sand


While there are many species in the “angler fish” family (over 200), this species - Lophius piscatorius, is most commonly known as the “angler” fish. It is also known as the monkfish, frog fish or sea devil and has a distinctive body shape and appearance. It has a sandy brown-green, frilly, camouflaged body. It has a flat head, a wide mouth and rows of gruesome looking teeth. The maximum length of the fish is 6.5 ft (2 m) but it is mostly head, mouth and stomach. Its fins are located on the outside of its rather small limbs.



angler eating


This fish lives in shallow water to deep water along the sea floor. It can be at sea levels of over 1600 feet (500 m). It partially buries itself in the sand and waits for its prey to pass by. Then, the angler sucks its prey down like a powerful vacuum cleaner. Like other angler fish it also has a long stick with fleshy growth or “lure” that is suspended in front of its mouth to attract curious fish.


angler mouth open


In the spring and summer months the angler moves to deep water for spawning. The female produces gelatinous mucus trail of eggs which stays together as it floats near the surface.


angler out water white


angler swimming


angler walking




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