Goblin Shark - Freaky Deep Sea Big Nose

freaky shark


You thought it was a great day to go be at the beach until you hear those infamous words, “Shark.” We are pretty sure it is not going to the goblin shark that people are shouting about since they are located in the deep blue sea, they don’t care to ruin people’s beach day. How can you be so sure the shark you see is not a goblin shark? The one feature that sticks out for this shark is the oddly shaped head. The snout on these sharks is twice as long as on other sharks so check it out and you decide.



goblin anatomy


No Sunshine Please

The goblin sharks prefer the deep dark sea where no sunlight ever reaches. These great creatures can be found all across the globe but mainly in the deep seas of Japan where it was first discovered. Because these sharks live so far beneath the ocean they feed on all types of organisms, of course ones that can live down there at those depths without sunlight as well. They have some very sinister looking teeth that come protruding out of their mouths in a slightly freaky way.


scary teeth shark


Size of the Goblin Shark

These sharks can grow 11 feet long (3.3 m) and can weigh up to 350 lb (159 kg). They are quite rare, but because these creatures are not really hunted in the deep blue sea they are not endangered. And they are quite comfortable in the ocean where no one can see them or hunt them. Because of its size and the fact there is no light located in the water that deep, they sense their food with their long snouts.


deep sea shark


The goblin shark has what seems to be red skin which is its blood vessels that are showing through its skin. These sharks have only been caught twice alive and the outcome was not a great one for living in captivity. Overall the success rate of the population of the goblin shark resides in the fact that they do live so far beneath the water. They are not the prettiest of creatures with those beady eyes, pasty flesh, and long teeth but they are strong and defensive, as with any sharks. That’s what you would expect a Goblin to look like, if it were to live in the water!





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