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Lookdown - Funny, Sharp, Flat-Face Looking Down



Known to experts by the latin scientific name that sounds like it could be a person's name "Selene Vomer", the lookdown is a game fish that is known for its silvery flat body, flattened head, low slung large mouth, and deeply forked tail. It's often called "the fish with the long face" by children and those who don't know its real name, and is often confused with the Atlantic Moonfish - a cousin species that looks quite similar. Native to the western Atlantic Ocean, it can be found in places like Canada, Maine, Uruguay, Bermuda, and all the areas with coasts on the Gulf of Mexico.





sharp silver selene


The lookdown prefers marine (oceanic) and brackish (briny) waters and lives at depths of one to fifty-three meters (over one hundred and fifty feet) where it usually shoals (lives in a group or school). However, it's most commonly seen in the United States in fish tanks, where its interesting appearance has made it a popular staple in many home aquariums. The lookdown gets its common name from the fact that it appears to be "looking down" as it swims. This is due to the placement of its eyes and the peculiar shape of its front side. This fish survives primarily off of small worms, small fish, and small crustaceans, and is known to lay eggs into the water column. Despite being openly fished and kept as pets, the lookdown is currently in no danger of becoming extinct, and is not the subject of any specific conservation efforts.






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