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Pumpkinseed - Bright, Punky Nest-Builder



The pumpkinseed is a colorful spunky freshwater sunfish in the perch family and related to the oceanic Mola mola. It has a bright orange or red dot on the outside of its gill. It can grow to be 10 inches (25 cm) long and is blue and yellow-pinkish with splotchy stripes. Along the dorsal fin are 10-11 spines. Larval insects, snails and other aquatic insects are its favorite menu items. Its teeth are especially adapted for munching on snails.



bright sunfish


The bright colored fish live in the northeast US and southeastern Canada and share territory with bass and bluegill. They like clear clean water that isn't fast-flowing (lakes) with lots of vegetation. The male builds a nest for the female to lay eggs. The female may then lay up to 2000 or some estimate even 3000 eggs. Then, the male guards the eggs and young fry until they head off on their own after less than two weeks. After that he gets the nest ready for the next round. Schools of the young fish usually stay close to the shore in the shallows while the adults brave the deeper waters.




Although small, the pumpkinseed is a popular prey for sport fishermen because they feed all day and are easily enticed by worms on hooks, meaning they are readily caught. Many consider their meat tasty.




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