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Shortfin Mako - Fast, Bright-Eyed, Open-water Shark



The shortfin mako shark is a big mackerel shark (the order Lamniformes) which makes it a relative of other amazing and terrifying shark species like the famous great white shark, and the lesser known but still amazing goblin shark and megamouth shark. In general, this species is referred to as a "mako" which is a term which refers to both this species, and the unsurprisingly named longfin mako shark (lsurus paucus). The shortfin is much more common than the longfin. The Latin binomial name of the shortfin is lsurus oxyrinchus and it was first described in 1809 by Constantine Rafinesque. It has large, dark, developed eyes and five large gill slits on its sides.



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The range of the mako is extensive, living offshore in temperate and tropical climates in seas and oceans all over the world. As a pelagic or open-water species, the mako is found at depths around 490 feet (150 m) and normally far from land, but occasionally close to island shores. Truly adept at adapting to different climates, the mako is just as common in the waters off the shores of Argentina as they are in the frigid waters as far north as Nova Scotia, Canada.




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Makos are amazing travelers, capable of averaging 36 miles of swimming a day on a given journey to breed or hunt. Their diet consists mostly of mackerels and tunas, but also includes swordfish, other sharks, sea turtles, porpoises and pelicans. These vicious predators do not just hunt small fish, but go after creatures as big or bigger than themselves. Their impressive set of serrated teeth and powerful muscles help them to bite and tear of chunks of their prey's flesh in brutal fights for food. Capable of swimming at a top speed of almost 50 miles per hour (75 kph) in small bursts, and leaping out of the water, up to 30 feet into the air (9 m), this amazingly athletic shark is a brutally efficient hunter which will stop at nothing to pursue and take down their prey.






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