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Stonefish - World's Most Venomous Fish



The stonefish is the most venomous of all fish. Along its back on 13 large spines. Each spine and has a pair of venomous sacs attached to it. Any light pressure on the spine will cause the sacs eject their venom. The nuerotoxic venom causes extreme pain to humans. Other possible reactions are severe shock, heart failure and infection. Wounds obtained by touching a stonefish won't heal for months. There is an anti-venom available and scalding hot water also helps to stop the venom's activity.







Stonefish are usually lying around on the sea floor around tropical reefs. The fish blends in well with the reef due to its warty growths and coloring. Because of its a good camouflage and defensive mechanisms the fish is rarely afraid of any sort of danger and stays where it is when larger animals approach. This can cause trouble for unsuspecting humans who may stumble upon them (this happens quite frequently in Australia). Always watch where you're walking on the sea floor! Here is the story of someone who stepped on one.




The stonefish is a sit and wait hunter that resides in Indo-Pacific waters. It will feed on a variety of creatures that pass by its gaping, large mouth unknowingly. The average size is about 14 inches long (35 cm) but sizes over 20 inches (50 cm) have been recorded. There are 5 different species of stonefish.


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