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Dragonfly - Long-Winged, Speedster Insect

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With their slender abdomens and middle sections, and their broad wings, these iconic, beautiful insects are excellent fliers. The world's largest are the Australian Giant Petaltail dragonfly which has a wingspan of about 6.5 in (162 mm) and the Giant Hawaiian Dragonfly that some claim can have a wingspan of 7.5 (190 mm). There is also a damselfly which belongs to the dragonfly family (Odonata) that is also a big one: the Central American Damselfly. It can have a wingspan of about 7.5 (190 mm). The number of species in the Odonata group is near 6000.



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Fortunately for us, they have no sting to sting humans or other creatures. Imagine how scary they might be if they did. They can see in just about every direction with their cluster of eyes or compound eyes. They love pure water and therefore we can use them as indicators of water quality. When it is raining, most dragonflies rest on or under plants, but if the sun is shining they prefer to be out in it, rather than in the shade.


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Males are territorial and will have dog fight air battles with other males that they feel are intruding on their space. When males and females mate they have to perform some acrobatics and grappling in order to get the necessary parts in place. Then, they fly around a bit together before the female deposits in the mud or water somewhere.


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