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Peanut-Head Bug - Talented Defensive Tactics

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The peanut-head bug is subject of many incorrect legends in its range countries. Most of the legends state that the bug's bite is deadly depending on the color of its wings, or that its bite is only deadly if the bitten doesn't copulate within 24 hours or something along those lines. In truth, the “peanut bug” is actually a harmless plant-hopper that has a straw for a mouth and can't even bite.



peanut-hrsfrf bug latern fly jequintiranaboia




Known as a lantern fly, peanut-headed lantern-fly, alligator bug, snake cicada, machaca, chicharra-machacuy, or jequintiranaboia; the peanut bug is native to Central and South American countries such as Brazil (most commonly in the Amazon region), Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

The lumpy-headed bugs can be as long as 3 inches (about 10-12 centimeters) and they are known for the protuberances on their heads that resemble lizards or serpents. With a big peanut head like that and its bulky body you wouldn't think that the bug would be very good at anything. But wrapped up in the its body is its main form of protection: its display of fake eyes on its wings. This it uses to confuse predators in regards to its size. If that doesn't work the bug also has a skunk-stinky spray that it can use as a defensive weapon.


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