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Alpacas - Handsome Little Woolly Camels

brown and white woolly alpacas

Alpacas say - You don't like big hair? Take a hike.


It is thought that the alpacas descended from the vicuña line and where domesticated as long as 7,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains in what would be part of Peru. Since alpacas aren’t that big they aren’t used as pack animals like llamas but are bred for their wool. The wool is used to make all kinds of warm clothing, blankets and bedding. The wool doesn’t repel water but it is very warm and silky, warmer than the wool from sheep.



baby alpaca


Alpacas can be vocal with a variety of sounds, sometimes shrieking if excited and humming if content. They look about half their size or less without the bulky wool coat.


shorn alpacas

Hardly anything left after a good haircut but they don't seem to mind


light tiny alpacas




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