Badger - Avid Digger

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So let us dive into the omnivore family by taking a close look into the life of a badger. These creatures do not get enough credit for the job they do or how cute they really are. Badgers are an extension of the weasel family and they are eight species of badgers. A Papa badger is a boar, a Momma badger is a sow and a baby badger is a cub. The name badger may come from old French for “digger” which is what they like to do. More fascinating facts about badgers:


They Live a Sheltered Life

All species of badgers live under ground. They burrow their little homes in the ground and their shelter is quite cozy. Some of the badgers travel in groups while others just travel in families and share homes. Almost like staying at a hotel for a few nights then going to another hotel while others like to build their own shelters. One of the most important things to remember with badgers is that they are very protective. They are protective of their families, homes and food so keep in mind these are not pets to keep around the back yard.



home badger

Emerging from burrow home


Food is plenty

Badgers, being omnivores and all, will eat plants, insects, mammals and more. Pretty much you name it they will probably eat it or something like it. Badgers do not leave any stone unturned because their next best meal may be under that stone. They also love to get their claws on some fresh honey from bee hives and are willing to climb a tree to do so. Most of what they eat they dig for and find while they are constructing their great shelters. What a win, win situation, home and food!


light colored badgers


The Hunted

In many countries badgers are hunted and consumed at the dinner table. However, there is a commercial market for their hair. Yep, their hair which is used for shaving brushes. Did you ever think that the shaving brush you used to apply that cream was badger hair?

Perhaps this is why they are so protective and live underground. So don’t get too close or they will attack, they probably don’t like that their hair is made into shaving brushes. If they are not happy, they will let you know this by hissing, growling and snarling.


angry badger

Angry badger says make your shaving brushes from something else



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