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Beaked Whales - Lesser-Known Happy Marine Mammals

beak and a squid



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There are 18 beaked whales species inhabiting all of the worlds oceans. Among whales only the dolphin family has more species in it than the beaked whale family but these whales are nowhere near as well-known as the popular dolphins. They tend to stay out of the limelight and some species are hardly ever encountered by humans. The whales are not very big, with medium-sized, slim bodies and long, narrow "beak" snouts (although some species have shorter snouts). Some have very big protruding foreheads. They are deep-divers and prey on squid for the most part. They can remain submerged deep in the ocean longer than any other mammal. Sometimes they stay together in small groups but the males are more often alone by themselves. And more often than not they will have numerous scratches and scars on their skin from the rough life in the seas.


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