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Bears - Large, Omnivore, Deep-Sleepers

head of brown bear in river

The seven species of bear (Ursidae) are an offshoot of dog-like ancestors strange as it seems (the resemblance is noticeable in the sun bear also known as the "dog bear"). Dogs and their relatives consume a certain amount of plant material in their largely carnivorous diet and this omnivorous habit is only more pronounced in the bears, which are adaptable consumers of a wide range of foods, including insects, grass, leaves, small vertebrates, fruit and nuts. Their teeth lack the shearing ability that cats and dogs have.

Bears are of course large and sturdily built animals with big heads, short limbs and almost no tail to speak of. They have flat, five-ted feet with long, curving claws. Only the polar bear inhabits Arctic regions, the others all live in northern regions and one lives in South America. In cold winter weather, many bears undergo a period of torpor - a deep restful state, a little short of full hibernation.



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