Brown Hyena - Shaggy Scavenger

hyeana brunnea


The brown hyena differs from the other hyenas with its longer shaggy brown coat and mane. They have black stripes on their legs. They can often be found living alone or within a family setting. During the day they can be found sleeping in burrows which has been left unattended by another animal or else tucked away in the tall grasses.



grass hyena africa


They do love to hunt at night for their food, and are not choosy about their meats. They hunt for rodents, snakes, or larger animals (looking for those that are injured and are easy prey). They also form hunting packs for hunting large prey. When they are on the coast they eat washed-up, dead, sea animals such as fish, seals or whales. Hyenas are also known to attack livestock which makes them unpopular with farmers. They mark their domain with feces and body secretions.




scavenger of the plains


The female is pregnant for about three months and gives birth to two to three offspring. Their babies nurse for at least ninety days, and don’t wander off on their own until they are at least eighteen months old.


hyena africa water


baby brunnea





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