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Caracal - Precision Black Ears, Bird Hunter

caracal ears


Once considered to be a type of lynx (hence its formerly being known as a Persian Lynx, an Egyptian Lynx, or an African Lynx), the extremely territorial caracal is actually a small cat, with a length of 26 to 35 inches (65 to 90 centimeters) and a weight of 29 to 40 lbs (13 to 18 kg). The caracal's fur ranges from red-grey to sandy to black, and its look is very distinctive thanks to its elongated, tufted black ears (in fact, its name is derived from the Turkish word 'karakulak', which means 'black ears'). The elongated ears aren't just for show though, as they are controlled by 29 different muscles, and are used to locate prey. It can also be distinguished by its eyes, which contract to small circles, rather than slits like most cats.



says get away

Caracal says "Go Away!"


The caracal can be found in the dry steppes, woodlands, savannahs, scrub forests. and semi-deserts of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and India. Basically, the caracal is okay living anywhere that contains cover sufficient enough for ambushing prey. Due to its getting a lot of its fluid intake from its prey, they can go long periods of time without water. The caracal's main prey is birds, of which they are known to be able to snatch out of mid air using a variety of pouncing techniques and its athleticism. The caracal is also known to hunt larger prey, and to cover up a carcass if they can't finish it (there's even been reports of caracal hiding dead prey in trees).


close up




Caracals are fairly solitary animals, preferring to dwell either alone or in groups of two. When they do encounter other members of their species, they can growl, hiss, purr, and bark as means of communication. The species currently isn't in any danger of extinction, and since they're used as hunting companions in some places (they're somehow easy to train/domesticate), their species will most likely stay strong.


says hey

"Whazzzup kewl cat"




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