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Caribou - Reindeer - Big, Tundra-Galloper



Caribou (as known as reindeer) are large deer (up to over 7 ft (2 m)) from the northern latitudes of North America and Eurasia with long antlers. Their antlers are the second largest of deer, after the moose. They graze on what is available during the different seasons like lichen, fungi, grasses and herbs. There are about 9 different sub species of reindeer that are divided for the most part in different geographical locations and vary in their coloring from light gray to dark brown.



enormous caribou


tundra caribou


Caribou can travel long distances every day, something like 10-40 miles (15 – 65 km) and whole herds migrate up to 750 miles (1,200 km) for better grazing pasture when it gets cold. Females usually start off first on the migration so they can be in a good spot to give birth. One calf is born to a female just before summer.


alaska reindeer antlers


caribou snow


Humans have a unique relationship with these deer. Peoples in the Arctic can live almost entirely from hunting the caribou and figured how to put almost every body part to good use. Not only that, but they can be tamed to use as load-bearing, sled-pulling animals or milked.


dark caribou




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