Crested Porcupine - Rattle Tail Rodent of Africa

crested porcupine


The crested porcupine is a rattle tail rodent of the North African savanna or forest and Italy. It is known for having a vibrating tail that rattles out a warning when it is feels threatened. It also has very long sharp quills 12 in (30 cm). The porcupine does not shoot these quills and they don’t come out so easily but when it is threatened it charges backward toward an enemy looking to stick them with the quills. It can be quite big at 60 pounds (27 kg). There is also another crested porcupine species that occupies India and the Middle East.



crested porky coming out of home


albino crested

Rare albino crested porcupine


These animals are not famous for their speed and they move rather slowly, and climb trees rather slowly if at all. Why rush when you have good defenses? During the daylight they build their houses by digging burrows or rest, and at night they come out in search for food.


crested porcupines


The female gives birth twice per year. The newborn porcupines are born with soft quills in litters of two to four. Their quills will not begin to harden until they are at least a couple of weeks old. Until their quills are hard enough they will remain in their nest.


at rest




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