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Dingo - Sandy Australian Wild Dog



The dingo is a descendant of the domesticated dog and was introduced to Australia thousands of years ago. They can be found in the sandy deserts as well as the forests. Dingoes are usually a light sandy brown or reddish with white patches but there are a great number of mixed dogs that look similar. Since they have been interbreeding for hundreds of years with the more recently introduced domestic dogs it’s hard to know if there are really purebred dingoes anymore. One way to distinguish between them is the shape of their teeth; the dingoes have large sharp teeth.



aborigines dingo


dingo face


The dingoes enjoy banding together and going after the Outback kangaroo (smaller ones). But if the roos and wallabies are scarce, they will be happy hunting sheep, rodents and rabbits. Young males may wander around solitary.


dingo leaves


dingo pups


The female dingo carries her babies for a little over two months and gives birth to about 4 or 5 babies. The pups nurse for approximately two months and stick around for at least about a year.


dingo red rocks


dingo stones





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