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Giant Anteater - Long Snout and Tongue, Bushy Tail

giant anteater


There are four species of anteaters found from Mexico down to South America. The largest of those is the giant anteater who can be located in the tropical forest and is approximately 3.5 to 4 feet (1-1.2 m) long. Its tongue can extend out to 24 inches (64 cm) in length and it is used to feed on ants, termites and other similar insects. It has no need for teeth!



long snout and tongue


giant anteater striped


The anteater’s long and bushy tail measures up to 35 in (90 cm). Also, their very long snout, tiny ears and the black stripe down their backs give them their unique appearance. Their powerful fore claws are long and sharp and so when they walk, they fold their claws under, and walk on their knuckles. They are not climbers like the other three species of anteater and don’t go into the trees, but they are good swimmers.


eating ants


The giant anteaters are active during the day but have been known to come out at night as well and stay far away from humans. Mothers carry their babies on their backs until they are getting close to having another one.


giant anteater baby on back






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