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Giant Armadillo - Large, Plated, Sleepy Dillo



This large specimen, has the distinction of being one of the sleepiest animals on the planet. They can sleep up to 18 hours a day! The only animal known to sleep more than that is the Brown Bat. It sounds like they only get up when they have to eat and when they have to get out and mate. If they didn't do that every once in a while, the species wouldn't survive. One reason they sleep so much is because they are shy and don’t like to go outside into the open very much so don't expect to see them lounging around. They feel more comfortable in their burrows. With those big claws and armor you wouldn't think they would be such scaredy-cats. They are quick to take a fright and will run from any potential danger back to the burrow. Perhaps the South American forests where they live are a little scary. Down there they are also known as the "Tatú Carreta" in some parts.

This giant is the largest of the living armadillos with a few specimens found weighing as much as 130 lbs (59 kg.) There were once other species that were much larger but they have since died out. I wonder how long they slept during the day.



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