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Grison - South American Glutton

head black white


A member of the ferret family that falls into one of two species, the greater and the lesser, the grison is a medium sized mustelidae. Occasionally tamed as youngsters and sometimes kept as pets, grison can be found in both Central and South America. The lesser grison is a little smaller as you might guess and inhabits only the southern part of South America. Their coloration, black and white, can appear a bit skunk-like from a distance but they are much longer, stronger and more fearsome. They have short limbs, small ears, and slender bodies that commonly have a length of about 16-22 inches (40-50 centimeters). They weigh between 2 and 6.5 pounds (1 to 3 kilograms).



lesser grison claws


long neck


Grison generally live near rivers, streams, and other small bodies of fresh water; usually in savannah or rainforest habitats. They feed on small mammals and birds or fruits and veggies too. They are known to be very active - climbing, digging and swimming as they like, getting into whatever they are interested in. Despite not being a commonly known creature, the grison is actually quite abundant in its natural habitat.






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