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Honey Badger - Crazy, Fearless Devourer of Prey

honey badger say what snake


We have been positively buried under requests for information about the now-famous crazy-fearless honey badger. Also called the "ratel" from the same family of mustelids like the similar North American common badger and the very similar looking South American grison, the honey badger sets itself apart from its kindred in some key ways.



honey badger dont care just chillin


First, these awesome animals hail from Africa and everywhere in Southwest Asia, all the way down into the Indian Subcontinent. Unlike a lot of the cool and exotic animals we cover, the conservation status of this little guy is "least concern" which means honey badgers are prolific and plentiful - that's probably because of how tough they are and how good they are on the hunt.


honey badger dont care


Honey badgers have the reputation of being among the most fearless creatures in the animal kingdom. Fact: this carnivorous little beast finds prey in some of the most dangerous places - deadly poisonous snakes and hives full of angry bees! Even if their favorite food (they are honey badgers after all) isn't available, a honey badger will chase down all manner of amphibians, reptiles, eggs, insects and birds. These fearless badgers will even chase off large predators to take their hard-earned kill. Even the big cat kings of Africa run from a crazy hungry honey badger from time to time!

Growing up to 11 inches (28 cm) at the shoulder, up to 30 inches (~75 cm) long and weighing up to 35 pounds (16 kg) these amazing African animals would give most people pause, and with good reason. Don't mess with the honey badger!


honey badger on hunt




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