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Kangaroo Family - Big Foot Marsupials



The kangaroo family (Macropodidae – big foot) is made up of more than fifty species and is the most developed of the marsupials. It includes the wallaroos, wallabies, pademelons, dorcopsises and the quokka. They have huge hind feet and a big tail that provides stability and support. The hopping method of travel is really quite fast (12 mph (20 kph)) and efficient for the kangaroo and helps it conserve energy. The big feet are also good for boxing. They have fewer teeth than other marsupials but they are big teeth for grinding plant matter like those of sheep and cows. They are not confined to Australia but some species also live on nearby islands like New Guinea and Bismarck Island.



roos in the trees


Some species reside in very hot and dry regions. When it’s too hot to handle they lick their arms to help cool off a bit. In extremely hot weather the female may lose her pouchling. If her body dehydrates and she is not able to produce milk the baby is expelled from the mother’s pouch and will die.


more roos


on the rocks



Quokka on the beach



Red necked pademelon



Albino wallabies





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