Marten - Fat-Tail Squirrel Predator

north american marten


The marten looks like a cuter version of the weasel with a long, wide tail. These creatures originate from the weasel (Mustelid) family of carnivores, with a long body, short legs, and a long tail. The males are larger than the females. The marten is an expert burrower, swimmer, and tree climber. Although they might look rather furry and chunky, their agility is amazingly fast and they are one of the few creatures closely related to the fisher (Martes pennanti), which is the only animal that preys on the porcupine. There are species of martens in North America, Europe and Asia.



pine marten

Pine marten with bushy tail


The marten spends its day seeking out squirrels as prey and living in trees. When it’s not doing either, it eats insects, nuts, and fruits. It lives in a hollow tree throughout the entire year and usually produces offspring in April, with a litter of about two to four babies. At birth, the marten is blind, and doesn’t open its eyes till the sixth week. Not till three months do they attain adult weight.


creeping through grass


young marten in tree


perched on stone

Beech or stone marten




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