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Snub-nosed Monkeys aka "Sneezing" or "Michael Jackson" Monkeys


Most closely related to colobus, doucs and other leaf monkeys are a group of monkeys known for their stubby snouts – the snub-nosed monkeys, sometimes also called langurs. They really have no snout at all, just some holes where a nose might be and if a raindrop falls right in there the monkey has to sneeze. They live all over Southern China and into Tibet, Vietnam and Myanmar. There are several different species colored in various ways. Sometimes they are called by their colors, other times by the region they come from and other times by the name of their discoverers. There are the Golden (including the Moupin, Qinling and Hubei subspecies), the Black (aka Biet’s, aka Yunnan), the Gray (aka Brelich’s), the Tonkin and the Myanmar (recently discovered) species. And there is also the more distantly related Pig-tailed snub-nosed of the Mentawi Islands, Indonesia.




They are vegetarians eating leaves, needles and fruits. For the most part they all have thick fur for the cold high-altitude snowy forests they live in but some can live in rainforests too. Several of the species are threatened due to habitat loss. China has increased efforts to create protected areas in these regions.



Guizhou species


Tonkin species




Yunnan species


Bearing Teeth


Poor Dead Sneezing Snub-nosed from Myanmar, Large Male


golden snub nose

Family Huddle





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