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Moose - Big Bellowing Beast of a Deer

big antlers


The largest of all deer, the moose (called elk in Europe), can be nearly 10 feet (3 meters) tall. It is dark brown with a large head and muzzle. It also has massive antlers that are flat and spread out horizontally. The antlers are for males only, can be 6.5 ft (2 m) wide with 20 points, and they are shed and regrown every year. The large beasts also have a big flap of skin, called a bell, hanging from their throats, the purpose of which is not really known.



 in the river


The moose lives at high northern latitudes around the Arctic in Europe, Russia, the US and Canada around coniferous forests, lakes and rivers. They sometimes wade into water to feed and can swim well. During the summer months the bulk of what they eat is plants growing in the water.


two males



enormous specimen


The moose is not as social as other deer and can often be spotted alone. However, during breeding season the males will bellow loudly to attract the females. Females usually give birth to a single calf but on occasion twins are born.


growing antlers




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