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Nubian Goat - Gentle Giant of the Goats

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The Nubian goat, sometimes called the Anglo-Nubian is a large type of domestic goat who ranges in size but tops out around 35 inches tall (89 cm) and 175 pounds (79 kg) for males (bucks). The females of the species are slightly smaller, standing around 30 inches tall (76 cm) and weighing around 135 pounds (61 kg). The most striking feature of this species is their size. Almost twice the size of some other, smaller species of goat, these gentle and even tempered domestic goats are primarily bred for dairy production. Originally hailing from the United Kingdom this breed is the result of mixing an old English breed with Middle Eastern and North African varieties.



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Most domesticated dairy Nubians have their horns removed via a process called disbudding, which occurs within two weeks of birth. While some activists claim that the process is cruel, many breeders insist it is for the safety of the animal, who may otherwise get their horns caught in fences, or pose a risk to other animals. Additionally there is a risk for broken horns getting infections which could pose a risk to the safety of the goat.


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Fact: Nubians have short, fine hair and long floppy ears which extend all the way past the end of their muzzle. They are a prized addition to many petting zoos and farms due to their extremely calm and affectionate temperament which is not always the case with goats in general. They are very trusting and accepting of human companions, needing little more than a pat on the head and a stroke on the neck to make friends. Nubians thrive on human companionship, and even bleat loudly to call their human handlers - and while they do vocalize, they tend to only do so when in need of food, water or are in some sort of pain, and are otherwise very quiet and peaceful animals.


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