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Ocelot - Dwarf Leopard, Nice Spots

Leopardus pardalis


The ocelot is a cat with distinct dark markings on its coat. Every ocelot is different because of its varied markings. The ocelot usually rests on a branch or remains undercover of vegetation during the day. This animal lives in hiding for the most part and rarely comes out in the open. At night, the ocelot hunts for small mammals and other prey. They are very adaptable, can live in different habitats and commonly hunt deer, rodents, birds, lizards, armadillos, fish, snakes, turtles, anteaters, etc. Males and females live in pairs but they hunt separately in their territory.



goes out at night


Ocelots also mate at night. Female ocelots court males by making loud, shrill calls. This call sounds much like the screech of domestic cats. They make their dens and give birth in hollow trees or in thick vegetation.


little dwarf leopard


The ocelot has become a very rare animal because its forest habitat has been destroyed and also because it is hunted for its beautiful fur.


white ocelot


just prowling around




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