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Red River Hog - Bush Pig Will Eat Your Crops

red river hog


The red river hog or bush pig from Africa (Guinean and Congo forests) and Madagascar has a brown-red bristley coat with a white shaggy whiskers and a notable white stripe running down its back. It also has a long snout and long tufted ears and can weigh up to 250 lbs (115 kg).



three orange bush pigs


The pigs like to live together in big groups of 12 or more with an old male leading the group. Together they scamper all over a wide range of territories like forests, swamps, bush, looking for any kind of food - from roots, to grass, fruit, insects or even birds and small animals that they can eat. They sometimes anger famers when they enter their agricultural plots and wreck havoc as pigs do ripping through the crops. They normally can be active during the day but some places where they are hunted they have become nocturnal to avoid danger. They also go to hide in dense brush if danger is present. Being big fat juicy pigs, they have to be on the lookout for predators such as big cats, people and other carnivores.


red river hog white hairs


They can breed any time of year and do so more often when food is aplenty. The piglets are notably handsome with more stripes and spots than adults.


bush pig piglet




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