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Leopard Seal - Fearsome Penguin Predator

penguin chase


The Leopard seal of the Antarctic is a rather slender seal that is built for speed. It is large, the second after the elephant seals at about 11 ft (3.5 m) long. Along with their pretty speckled coat they have large mouths and strong teeth to grab their main prey – penguins, but sometimes they even go after other seals or fish, squid and crustaceans. They catch penguins underwater or as they move off the ice. Once they have caught an unlucky penguin, they shake and bash them around until they die and continue to tear up the poor birds so that they have pieces that they can manage to eat. But beware leopard seal, as fierce a predator as you are, the orcas and large sharks may come to hunt for you.



teeth of leopard


shredding penguin


Here is a fun video about a NatGeo photographer that came face to face with one of these scary predators:





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