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Sifaka - Lanky Climber and Jumper



This animal from the lemur family can be found in the South and West parts of Madagascar in the dry forests and in the rain forests. They have large eyes, a smooth black face and small ears. They share a territory marked out with urine with other sifakas in groups, of usually around ten, which is considered a troop. They are named after the vocalization they make - "she-fak" when there is a possible danger. There are about 9 different species of varying colors from white to black, mixed with brown-reddish and orange.



sifaka face


sifaka face close up


They are very relaxed and like to feed on berries, buds, and fruits during the daylight hours, and lie in the sun and rest quite a bit. While they spend most of their time in trees they do touch earth on occasion and when they do they hop sideways.


lemur in the tree


The female usually gives birth from the latter part of June to the month of August. After about 4 months of pregnancy only a single baby is born.


indri tree limb




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