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Spectacled Bear - Andean Short-Faced Bear

spectacled bear Tremarctos ornatus


Spectacled bears are also known as Andean bears. They can be found in South America and are in fact the only bears found there. They grow to an average standing height of six feet. The spectacled bears are generally black but sometimes brown or reddish brown in color with patches under their necks or encircling their eyes. The males can weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kg) and the females can weigh up to 181 pounds (82 kg).



spectacled andean bear


They have smaller snouts than most bears. They are the only surviving species of short faced bears of which there were several other species that are now extinct.


short faced bear Tremarctos ornatus


They love to roam around in the forest, but they also enjoy the freedom of the open country. While the spectacled bears feed mostly on plant matter and fruit, they also may occasionally enjoy the taste of deer or vicuna. These bears are definitely climbers and they make their beds in nests they build up in a tree, using sticks.


spectacled bears


The female carries her babies for up to 8.5 months, and gives birth to litters of up to 3 offspring. The male is not involved in cub-rearing.


south american bear Tremarctos ornatus




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