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Tibetan Fox - High Altitude Canine

china nepal sand fox

Tibetan Fox


Tibetan (sand) foxes live in the barren slopes and stream beds of Asia at altitudes of 9,840–13,120 ft (3,000–4,000 m) in the Mustang District of Nepal, in Tibet and in the Tsinghai, Kansu, and Yunnan regions of China. They make their dens in the nooks and crannies of the boulders.

Tibetan foxes are fierce hunters of high plains rodents and pikas (a rabbit-hamster-like mammal). Sometimes they may wait around brown bears who are also hunting and digging out pikas. When any prey escapes the brown bear, the fox will do its best to snag the escaping rodent.



china nepal sand canine

Square-headed Canine


They have rather square heads and large wise eyes. It almost looks like the heads are too big for the body but that is mostly the shape of the fur. They do have large jaws appropriate for the heavy labor of chewing up all the meals of their meat diet. They have thick fur for the cold weather and thick tails with white tips. They are middle-sized for canines being about 23–28 in (58–70 cm) long with tails about 16–19 in (40–48 cm) long.

Males and females usually form pairs and stay together throughout their lives. They also may hunt together. The mothers bear from 2-5 young a year which stay with the parents until they are about 8-10 months old.


tibetan fox trotting along


High Planes Hunt

Tibetan Fox goes on a hunt




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