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Water Opossum - Water-Loving Marsupial

water opposum drawing


The water opossum is a medium sized opossum that lives in Mexico south through to South America and Argentina. It lives around freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. Also known as the "yapok", it is the only marsupial that likes to swim. It lives on banks of the streams and lakes searching for food to eat like fish, crustaceans, frogs or other small invertebrates. It eats its prey on the river bank or wherever found. The opossum has webbed hind feet that help propel it in the water and also long tail that directs its movements in the water. Its fur has black spot and stripes on gray or light brown.



water opposum head


water opposum log


The pregnant mother may also stay submerged in water while the young newborns are safe inside of the marsupial's pouch.


water opposum webbed feet




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