Honduran White Bat - Tent Bat



The Honduran White Bats also known as tent-making bats are a very rare sight indeed. Besides Honduras, they also live in other Central American countries - Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. There are only 15 species of bats in the Americas (and another 3 species in Asia) known to make their roosts (tents/sleeping quarters) underneath the leaves of plants. Since the bats are tiny the home inside of the leaves gives good protection from the rain and possible predators and they look quite comfy in there. How do the manage to hang on to the leaves upside down and sleep? Well, about the same way any bat hangs on to things upside down. The leaves have enough of a stem for the bats to grab onto with their claws. Having white fur and yellow nose and skin is also extra rare for bats. If only they had a bright red puffy nose they might be called the clown bats.







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