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Wild Boar - Scruffy Swine

ugly wild boar head


Also referred to as the "wild pig" or the "feral hog", the wild boar is a species that is actually a living ancestor of the common domestic pig; this makes it a living fossil. These pigs don't win awards for their beauty, they are usually dark and scruffy. On average, adult boars have a length between 35 and 79 inches (90 and 200 centimeters), a height between 22 and 43 inches (55 and 110 centimeters, and weigh between 110 and 200 pounds (50 and 90 kilograms); although there are reports of hunters taking down specimens as large as 710 pounds (320 kilograms).



wild boar forest


Adult male wild boars are known for their tusks, which are continuously growing canine teeth that protrude from their mouths. They're used both as weapons (to settle dispute over territory, mating, etc), and as tools (for digging). Boars can put up some fierce battles when trapped. Females also may be very aggressive defending their piglets.

Wild boars can be found naturally all over central and northern Europe, and throughout all of Asia and Indonesia; there are also introduced populations, that were brought in for hunting, all over the world. Adult males of the species live solitary lives, only joining groups to bread, while females and young piglets live in groups of around 20 known as sounders. These sounders consist of 2-3 sows (females) and multiple piglets, who are distinctive for their striped appearance.


wild boar sounder


Boars survive by scavenging whatever they can get, eating grass, nuts, berries, carrion, nests of ground nesting birds, roots, tubers, refuse, insects and small reptiles. Despite being hunted for their meat and for sport, wild boar are in no danger of extinction. Their uncontrollable populations are creating problems by destroying agriculture and ecosystems in many regions (like the southern part of the United States and Brazil).


scruffy wild boar




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