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Wolverine - Powerful Bear-like Predator of the North

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The wolverine is very powerful for its size - up to 31 pounds (14 kg), the largest of the Mustelids (badger family) on land. The giant otter is larger and in the same family but it lives in the sea. The wolverine looks like a miniature bear except it has a tail. Its strong jaws can bite through frozen meat and bone. It has the ability to climb trees, can kill larger animals and cover long distances in a day (31 miles (50 km)). It likes being alone except when mating. At the time of mating, the male can be seen with two or more females in his territory.



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wolverine in the grass


The female is very unique in her reproduction techniques. After mating, the eggs go through a period of delayed implantation, where the eggs lie dormant or in suspension for some length of time. This way the female can mate when she is good and ready and then she can hold off on being pregnant until she is good and ready to do that too. The young offspring nurses for approximately two months, and will be cared for until it is two years old. After the two year period is over, the youngin is forced to leave home. After another two years, the wolverine is fully grown and sexually mature.


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Aside from eating other animals – mice, deer, rabbit, birds; the wolverine also enjoys eating berries. It can be found in the US, Canada, Siberia and Scandinavia.


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